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Capsule Slash

A game were you are a capsule and fight with swords. · By VictrinityEntertainment


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Tutorial Is Out!
I have finnaly managed to record the audio... so the tutorial is out...
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Tutorial Coming Soon!
I have been, for the past few days, working on a voice acted tutorial for Capsule Slash. I know some of the mechanics are a bit hard to learn... so I've decided...
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New Map Out NOW!!
The map I call "Island Keep" Is now in the game. Do not jump in water or you will die!...
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Soundtrack Out NOW!
I've Released the soundtrack to Capsule Slash! It includes every song in the game to come. This includes Fight Music Ambient Music 8-Bit Music...
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Capsule Slash Pre-Alpha 1
Capsule Slash, The Game I've Been working on for a while now, is out now! Its been a long procces, but the Pre-Alpha is out for public play and download!...
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Use this link to my discord server to get access to the Soundtrack ---->
started by VictrinityEntertainment Apr 22, 2020
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